Monday, February 26, 2007

Tiffany Granath and the Growler

In case you missed it, Tiffany Granath of PlayBoy Radio was a hoot when she interviewed me this afternoon. (I'll post a few snippets of the show on my iTunes podcast in a day or two.) We talked about everything from the reasons humans have sex to the the fluid mechanics of blood flow during arousal to the physics of the nervous system.

Even better, we took a few moments to discuss a sexual technique that I call the Growler. If you listened in, you heard it first on Tiffany's Afternoon Advice.

A Growler is a low frequency hummer. If you've never heard of a hummer, it's just oral sex, except that the person performing it hums as they work. The extra vibration adds spice to the experience, whether you're doing to it a man or a woman.

So, why is it a Growler? Your nerves transmit signals in a way that limits the vibrations you can feel in your hands, feet, genitals, and basically any other body part besides your ears, to a maximum of 500 hertz or so. That's about the pitch of the A note above middle C on the piano. To give a good hummer, you should stick to pitches somewhere lower on the scale.

But as you lower your pitch, the sound turns into more of a purr or growl than a hum, hence the name "Growler." You should play around with the tone to find the right note. I can tell you that it feels great, and women seem to love getting growlers too (perhaps even more than we guys do).

Thanks to Tiffany for letting me explain it on her show!


Anonymous said...

Hey Buzz, great radio show. How 'bout them audio clips? Will they let you post them here? Also, I'm glad you monetized your site with relevant ads. -Wayne Towers

Buzz Skyline said...

Thanks anonymous. I'm still checking on the fair use issues for the audio clips. I hope to have it sorted out today.

In the meantime, if you have Sirius, be sure to tune into Tiffany's show. It can get a bit racy and crazy at times, but she has some good advice on there.


Buzz Skyline said...

I should have said "Thanks Wayne."