Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Physics of Sex Cited Among the Best of Science Blogging

The Physics of Sex post Sexual Rhythms is included in a brand new anthology of the 50 best science blog posts of 2006.

The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006 was edited by Bora Zivkovic (aka Coturnix of Seed Media's Scienceblogs.com), who is probably one of the hardest working folks in the blogosphere.

Bora chose the entries with the help of a select group of the top science bloggers around. The whole process is detailed on Bora's web page.

Buy the book and find out what wild and wonderful things are out there under the heading of science blogging. (No one at The Physics of Sex is getting a penny for this endorsement, BTW. We just like to encourage initiative like Bora's.)


Caitlain said...

Very well deserved, if you ask me. You have one of the most unique sites related to sex out there!

Keep up the good work.

Buzz Skyline said...

Thanks Caitlain.

I certainly appreciate the compliment, particularly coming from you.

I hope everything is going well at caitlainscorner.com, it's certainly looking good these days.

It makes me want to try some real web page design.



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