Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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One of the great things about pondering the Physics of Sex is that it naturally leads to tips to enhance your sex life. Several of the posts that you can read here have a physics inspired suggestion or two in them.

Some of the suggestions - such as how to choose a good bed for sex - include information that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

For those of you who don't have time to read the full posts or listen to the podcasts, we have made a list of the tips that lets you jump straight to the good stuff.

You'll see this little icon next to italicized text to highlight the Physics of Sex Tips in each post.

Check out the tips below.

The Physics of Sex Tips (so far . . .)

-> Find the best bed for your sexual style. (from Sexual Rhythms)

-> Take control of your vibe with damping. (from Sexual Rhythms)

-> Choose the right lube. (from Slip, Slide or Stick)

-> Find out how the pinch technique can enhance your erection . . . or how it can be adapted to women. (from Pumped Up and Ready for Love, Part 1)

-> How you should adjust your smoking habits to reduce the negative impact on your sexual function. (from Pumped Up and Ready for Love, Part 2)

-> How losing weight can improve your circulation and make you better in bed. (from Pumped Up and Ready for Love, Part 2)

-> A safer alternative to the dangerous practice of erotic asphyxiation. (from Pumped Up and Ready for Love, Part 2)

-> How minding the negative feedback in your sensory receptors can help you make sex more intense. (from Sex and Sensibility, Part 1)

-> How the "start-stop method" helps you manipulate your sensory receptors to get past premature ejaculation. (from Sex and Sensibility, Part 1)

-> Two ways the physics of sensory receptors can add an extra tingle to sex. (from Sex and Sensibility, Part 1)


Martha said...

thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to use them!

amiya said...

Alas, I have all but the woman. Oh what a woe, man!